Free Statistics Division Webinar: Empirical Root Cause Analysis – March 29, 2017 at 2:00PM Eastern Time

Join the Statistics Division on Wednesday, March 29rd at 2:00PM Eastern for a webinar to be given by Matthew Barsalou

This webinar will describe how to conduct an empirical root cause analysis. A brief mention of reasons for performing a root cause analysis will be given followed by typical tools. A case will be made for using empirical root cause analysis. The correct application of the scientific method will also be explained. This includes concepts such as Exploratory Data Analysis for hypothesis generation as well as the attributes of a good hypothesis. John Platt’s version of the scientific method will be explained using examples and these concepts will be combined into a Plan-Do-Check-Act process.

The concept of empirical root cause analysis will be depict in the form of a graphic which will show the various steps to combine Exploratory Data Analysis, the scientific method, and Box’s iterative inductive deductive process into a Plan-Do-Check-Act like method. Examples will be presented to illustrate these concepts. Real world examples will include the analysis of a cracked cable coating, vibration sensor failures and a bushing and bracket failure. This final section of the presentation will provide advice on how both the customer and supplier can better prepare for a complaint. The view of both customers and suppliers will be represented including information the customer must provide with a claim as well as how a supplier can better prepare for a customer issue.

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