The William G. Hunter Award is presented annually to encourage the creative development and application of statistical techniques to problem-solving in the quality field. Named in honor of the Statistics Division’s founding chairman, the award recognizes an individual who demonstrates Bill Hunter’s most enduring qualities of excellence in statistics as a communicator, a consultant, an educator, an innovator, an integrator of statistics with other disciplines and an implementer who obtains meaningful results.

This year’s winner is A. Blanton Godfrey. He was nominated by Jeffrey Hooper, with testimonials from Maureen Bisognano, Robert Waller, J. Stuart Hunter, Roger Hoerl, Emily Parker, Charles Little, Ronald D. Snee, Craig Long, and Mark J. Fischer. Dr. Godfrey is a statistician and the Joseph D. Moore Distinguished University Professor in the College of Textiles at North Carolina State University. He earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute as well as a master’s degree and PhD in statistics from Florida State University. He is the Former Head of the Quality Theory and Technology Department of AT&T Bell Laboratories and the Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Juran Institute, Inc. He is a fellow of the American Society for Quality, American Statistical Association, World Academy of Productivity Sciences, and the Royal Society for the encouragement of Art, Manufacturers, and Commerce.

Blan Godfrey is well known to many in academia and industry. He has received the Edwards Award and the Distinguished Service Medal. He has given the Deming Lecture and presented the W. J. Youden Address. He is Co-author of Modern Methods for Quality Control and Improvement and Curing Health Care: New Strategies for Quality Improvement. Blan is the Founding Editor of the Six Sigma Forum, a Member of Committee for ISO 9000 and has served on numerous boards and executive committees.








Blan Godfrey

Blan was unable to attend the Fall Technical Conference in Minneapolis. Bill Meeker accepted the award on Blan’s behalf.

Past recipients are available here: http://williamghunter.net/award/.

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