Free Statistics Division Webinar: Benchmarking – February 7, 2018 at 12:00PM Eastern Time

Join the Statistics Division on Wednesday, February 7th at 12:00PM Eastern for a webinar to be given by Grace Duffy.

Benchmarking is a positive, proactive process to change operations in a structured fashion to achieve superior performance. Developed as an improvement method by Xerox in 1979, Robert Camp made benchmarking famous during the 1980s with his books, articles and case studies. Join Grace Duffy, ASQ Fellow and LSSMBB, in a review of benchmarking based on the CMQ/OE and CQE Bodies of Knowledge. Grace participated in benchmarking activities with Xerox in 1986 as an IBM manager. She will share definitions, benefits and steps for benchmarking, along with distinguishing between the concepts of benchmarking and Best Practice.

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DATAWorks 2018 Call for Abstracts

DATAWorks, which takes place March 20-22, 2018, is the result of a multi-organization collaboration with the Director of Operational Test & Evaluation within the Office of the Secretary of Defense, NASA, the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA), and the Section on Statistics in Defense and National Security (SDNS) of the American Statistical Association. Contributed abstracts are welcome under the following workshop themes:

  • Statistical Engineering for Defense and Aerospace
  • Experimental Design Methods for System Design and Characterization
  • Humans are Part of the System: Implication for Test Planning and Analysis
  • Rigorous Use of Modeling and Simulation
  • Statistical Engineering for Autonomous Systems
  • Data Science

Selected presenters will give talks of roughly 15 minutes in duration, including questions, or participate in a poster session. Early career presenters are encouraged

Due Date: Abstracts must be submitted online by January 10, 2018 at Acceptance notices will be sent by February 1, 2108

Free Statistics Division Webinar: Introduction to ANOVA – January 16, 2018 at 8:00PM Eastern Time

Join the Statistics Division on Tuesday, January 16th at 8:00PM Eastern for a webinar to be given by Adam Pintar

Analysis of Variance, or ANOVA, is a fundamental tool in Statistics and Quality. It plays a critical role in analyzing data from designed experiments and forms the foundation of gauge R&R studies. This presentation focuses on the basics. The one-way ANOVA table is introduced, and a graphical interpretation of its components is provided. The situation is then complicated by adding a second factor leading to the two-way ANOVA table. Hypothesis tests for the importance of each factor are explained in terms of comparing the predictive ability of two models.  Interactions are discussed.

NIST Standard Reference Materials will form the context of the discussion, to which ANOVA models naturally apply.  However, the data presented in the examples will be simulated for pedagogical purposes.

The session will be planned to last 30 to 40 min to leave time for questions.  Software for performing the requisite calculations will not be covered.

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Call for Papers: 62nd Annual Fall Technical Conference, October 3-5, 2018, West Palm Beach, FL

We invite you to submit abstracts for presentation at the 62nd Annual Fall Technical Conference to be held on October 4-5, 2018 (short courses to be held Oct 3rd), in West Palm Beach, FL. The theme is, “Statistics & Quality: Riding the Big Data Wave.” The Fall Technical Conference has long been a forum for both statistics and quality and is co-sponsored by the American Society for Quality (Chemical and Process Industries Division and Statistics Division) and the American Statistical Association (Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences and Section on Quality and Productivity).

The goal of this conference is to engage researchers and practitioners in a dialogue that leads to more effective use of statistics to improve quality and foster innovation.

Abstract Submission Deadline is February 28, 2018

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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2017 Fall Technical Conference Early Career and Student Travel Grants

The 61st annual Fall Technical Conference (FTC) was held in Philadelphia, PA, October 4-6, 2017. The theme of this year’s conference was “Statistics: Powering a Revolution in Quality Improvement,” and each year, the ASQ Statistics Division awards grants to cover the cost of the conference to students and early-career industrial statisticians.

We had a stupendous collection of Student Travel Grant Recipients at the 2017 FTC.

  • Carly Metcalfe
  • Mona Khoddam
  • Katherine Allen
  • Habe Melnkov
  • David Cole

A great group of Early Career Travel Grant Recipients joined us as well:

  • Santhosh Subramanian
  • Hongyue Sun
  • Arlyn Nieto

Congratulations to the winners!


Introductory Statistics Training on the ASQ Statistics Division YouTube Channel

A playlist of introductory videos on hypothesis testing and sample size calculations has been created for the division YouTube channel. Click here to view!

The collection is based on previously developed narrated slide shows that were converted to video format.  Topics include one and two-sample t-tests as well as tests for proportions.  The playlist could be very helpful to those preparing for the CQE exam.

Free Statistics Division Webinar: Exploring Relationships Between Variables – September 20, 2017 at 12:00PM EST

Join the Statistics Division on Wednesday, September 20th at 12:00PM Eastern for a webinar to be given by Michelle Paret.

You have an X and a Y, and you need to determine if these variables are related or not. In this webinar, we will walk through how to identify and describe important relationships between variables, including how to choose the right type of ANOVA or regression analysis based on the type of data that you have.

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Announcing the 1st Canadian ASQ Conference in Ottawa on September 25th & 26th, 2017

The ASQ Statistics Division is proud to support the first Canadian ASQ Conference in Ottawa September 25 and 26.  Canadian ASQ members have brought together an outstanding program with internationally-recognized speakers that have a wealth of experience in organizational excellence. Check out our website at

5 reasons why you should attend:

Learn about sustainability.  A sustainable organization is one that develops and respects its employees. Lean, a methodology based on the Toyota Production Systemis all about sustainability. Today, profitable companies around the world use Lean to create products with better quality, reduced costs and higher employee engagement. With 5 presentations on Lean, and a 3-hour workshop on Toyota Kata, Lean is a major part of this conference.

Get a new perspective on collaboration.  Top companies grow their people and work hard to create a positive culture. There will be presentations on positive leadership, engaging employees, and health and wellness in the workplace. If you are a leader, these topics will give you the right perspective to take the right actions.

Get certified. The Statistics Division is offering ASQ certification exam sittings so you can write your exam for eight different ASQ certifications at the conference! Get started with ASQ web based training or through the Indiana Council for study material for your exam.    Working towards a certification advances your knowledge and career, and improves your organization.  

It’s a special year! This year Canada is celebrating 150 years of confederation! As we celebrate, this conference aims to promote the principles and methods that will be essential for continued success and sustainability for Canadian businesses in the years to come.


Value add. Come for the networking. Exchange ideas and experiences with quality professionals from across Canada and beyond.  Meet the authors! Win a draw!

See you at the conference!

Fall Technical Conference Grants for Students and Early Career Statisticians

Student Grants
The Statistics Division of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) offers grants for students who wish to attend the Fall Technical Conference (FTC) October 5-6, 2017 at Philadelphia, PA.  Undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in programs related to Statistics or Quality Management are eligible to apply for the grant.

For application information:

Early Career Grants
The Statistics Division of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) offers grants for early career industrial statisticians who wish to attend the Fall Technical Conference (FTC) October 5-6, 2017 at Philadelphia, PA.  Individuals who have graduated with a degree in statistics within the last 3 years and meet the additional eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply for the grant.

For application information: